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SOMEWHERE, by                    
First Line: Somewhere there lies the dust
Last Line: Through alchemy of deathless love?
Subject(s): Crucifixion; Jesus Christ - Crucifixion

Somewhere there lies the dust
Of that rough wooden cross which Jesus bore
Up Calvary. And which, in turn, bore Him;
Was crimsoned with His blood. Dark stains were left
Which sunshine could not bleach,
Nor pelting rains erase.
'Twas cast aside in superstitious fear
Because tradition said He lived again;
And so it lay, until the Mother Earth
Received its crumbling dust back to her breast.

But on that spot do lilies bloom
With richer coloring, sweeter fragrance?

Somewhere there lie the nails
Which Roman soldiers drove through His
Extended palms. How cruel was the pain!
The blows of hammers rested at His word—
"Father, forgive them, for they know
Not what they do." Stout spikes were they,
Forged at the smithy in Jerusalem.
Somewhere they lie, corroding black
With rust of ages.

Or have they turned to gold
Through alchemy of Deathless Love?

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