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CHRISTMAS, by                    
First Line: This is the day the great god pan lies dead
Last Line: To soothe his sobbing with the pipes of pan.
Subject(s): Christianity; Christmas; Holidays; Jesus Christ - Childhood & Youth; Nativity, The

THIS is the day the great god Pan lies dead,
While all his furry fauns and satyrs go
Godless and whining through the falling snow
Out of a dreary Christian heaven shed.
No bright-limbed dancers in free, careless measure
Follow young Bacchus of the green-wreathed head;
An elder god, and sorry-eyed, has said
That mirth is folly, melancholy pleasure.

And yet, they say, in merry Galilee
A weeping faun beheld a blithe young man
Who, moved with pity, cut some rushy weeds,
From which he whittled several tuneful reeds,
And took the little faun upon his knee
To soothe his sobbing with the pipes of Pan.

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