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YULETIDE, by            
First Line: O glowing east! O wondrous sparkling star
Last Line: Our coming bridegroom, glorious king.
Subject(s): Birth; Christmas Carols; Salvation; Child Birth; Midwifery

O glowing East! O wondrous sparkling star
Announcing the Messiah's birth!
Glittering in radiant splendor there,
And angels singing, "Peace on Earth."

First Christmas carol the world ever knew,
Chanted by a heavenly choir
As they stood in the sky of shining blue,
Flashing with celestial fire.

The anthem was grand, the singers supreme,
And the surge rolled up to the throne;
Ere it ceased on earth, it echoed in heaven!
The angels bowed and glided home.

We think the beautiful gates were ajar
To welcome the messengers in:
That the seraphim rose and filled the air
With the echo, "Good-will to men!"

That God in love, in infinite power,
Rejoiced in the gift of His Son;
The tidings He gave, the shining ones told,
His message, "Salvation for men."

O marvelous gift! in a manger low!
The Prince of earth is born!
It kindles the fire of the heart aglow:
Song of ages, hailing the morn.

The Babe was a King, though the place was rude,
The Infant was Bethlehem's star;
Down through the ages from then to the now
He has shown and glittered afar.

His name is Immanuel, Counsellor,
The star of whom poets still sing;
The Savior, eternal, the wonderful,
Our coming bridegroom, glorious King.

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