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SABBATH HYMN, by                    
First Line: Descend, descend, o sabbath princess
Last Line: And sabbath peace for evermore.
Subject(s): Heaven; Jews; Peace; Sabbath; Paradise; Judaism; Sunday

DESCEND, descend, O Sabbath Princess,
With rays of Shechinah in your eyes,
Descend and bring us peaceful tidings,
From yonder gently dreaming skies!
Behold, in darkness, and in sadness
We wander here, we climb, we grope,
Descend and give us Faith and Gladness,
Descend and give us Light and Hope!

Descend, descend, O Sabbath Princess,
For we are weary here and blind,
Descend and lighten all the burdens
Of dreary souls and faithless mind.
The paths of life are rough and thorny,
Our feet are bleeding, bleeding sore,
Descend and bring us Heaven's promise,
And Sabbath peace for evermore.

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