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First Line: Autumn songs in the spring?
Last Line: Off with old's on with new.
Alternate Author Name(s): Cole, G. D. H.
Subject(s): Oxford University; Seasons

AUTUMN songs in the spring?
Every song has its season.
Let youth have its fling:
Only age has its reason.

Now's no time for regretting;
Day will come, to look back.
While we lack not, no fretting:
Soon enough shall we lack.

Say you, All's gone and done with?
Life, a well-rounded whole?
While we've eyes to see sun with
There's no end to the soul.

Nor to sense, if soul sleeps not;
This love ends, that begins.
He for losses who weeps not,
A new joy next day wins.

Life's but losing and winning,
While aught's left worth the crown,
As this coin I set spinning
Heads or tails must come down.

Old loves not forgotten
Live in every new joy;
But if memory turn rotten,
Then no hope for you, boy.

While the past was alive yet,
To the past I was true.
Past is past. Love shall thrive yet.
Off with old's on with new.

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