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COOPERATION, by                
First Line: Come,' said the little ether-atoms
Last Line: His will upon earth was done!
Subject(s): Togetherness


"COME," said the little Ether-Atoms,
"Let us cling together and march together;
Millions and millions and millions are we;
Let us form and march like the waves of the sea.
With shoulder to shoulder, hand linked in hand,
Line behind line of us, here we stand!
Steady, there! Wait for the word of command.
Steady, my comrades! Is everything right?
Now, all as one of us, into the night!"
So they clung together and marched together,
And the world was filled with light.


"Come," cried the little Vibrations-in-Air,
"Let us cling together and work together,
Starting not off on our separate tracks,
But all within touch, that whatever each lacks
The rest may supply, and that each, great or small,
May something contribute—to soar, run, or crawl—
Toward the one common end; there is work for us all;
And mingling our efforts, the weak with the strong,
Break we a path through the silence along!"
So they clung together and helped one another,
And the world was filled with song.


"Now," whispered the children of men on earth,
"Let us cling together, and work together,
And help one another, and turn our words
Into golden action, and sheathe our swords!
Let us tunnel the mountain, span the plain,
Stretch hands to each other across the main,
And each man's wealth be for all men's gain;
Then unto his neighbor let every one
Say, 'Be of good courage,' and let the word run."
So they clung together, and lo, as in heaven,
His will upon earth was done!

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