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First Line: In pisa's baptistry the uttered word
Last Line: In the vast silence that receiveth all.
Subject(s): Pisa, Italy

IN Pisa's baptistry the uttered word,
Sent upward winged with music from the ground,
Works in the dome a miracle of sound
Most delicate, and all the air is stirred
With its vibrations; till, like some sweet bird,
Invisible, that circles round and round,
Singing o'erhead, then seeks the heaven's profound,
It flees away and is no longer heard.
Thus, too, it is with word, or deed, or song,
Caught up and echoed through time's ampler hall;
It charms a while the listeners in the throng,
But, with the days men never can recall,
It faints, and fades, and vanishes erelong
In the vast Silence that receiveth all.

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