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THE LORDS OF LIFE: 1. THE LORDS OF LIFE, by                    
First Line: Again the night with her majestic grace
Last Line: A spider's thread take the great globe in tow.

AGAIN the Night with her majestic grace
Comes sweeping through the chambers of the sky,
And now begin the dark-winged Hours to fly
Far up in heaven. Look yonder: where you trace
That silver world float softly into place,—
Down-looking on us like a conscious eye,—
The Lords of Life, that offer or deny
The things we long for most, rise out of space.
Hush! influence is raining from the signs
To mould the lives of all who dwell below;
The forces working in the air's deep mines
Are now resistless; if they will it so,
A grain may balance Alps and Appenines,
A spider's thread take the great globe in tow.

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