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AN ODE ON NAPOLEON; FRAGMENT, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: O'erhung with yew, midway the muses mount
Last Line: Usurping power his hands in blood imbrues --'
Subject(s): Napoleon I (1769-1821)

O'erhung with yew, midway the muses mount
From thy sweet murmurs far, O Hippocrene!
Turbid and black upboils an angry fount
Tossing its shatter'd foam in vengeful spleen --
Phlegethon's rage Cocytus' wailings hoarse
Alternate now, now mixt, made known its headlong course:
Thither with terror stricken and surprise,
(For sure such haunts were ne'er to Muse's choice)
Euterpe led me. Mute with asking eyes
I stood expectant of her heavenly voice.
Her voice entranc'd my terror and made flow
In a rude understrain the maniac fount below.
'Whene'er (the Goddess said) abhorr'd of Jove
Usurping Power his hands in blood imbrues --'

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