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First Line: There's no use of your talking, for mamma told me so
Last Line: Why, tell them it's the angels, for mamma told me so.
Alternate Author Name(s): Collyer, Thomas Stephens
Subject(s): Babies; Infants

THERE'S no use of your talking, for mamma told me so,
And if there's any one that does, my mamma ought to know;
For she has been to Europe and seen the Pope at Rome,
Though she says that was before I came to live with her at home.

You see we had no baby, -- unless you call me one,
And I have grown so big, you know, 't would have to be in fun, --
When I went to see grandma, about two weeks ago,
And now we've one, a little one, that squirms and wiggles so.

And mamma says an angel came down from heaven above,
And brought this baby to her for her and me to love;
And it's got the cunningest of feet, as little as can be,
And shining eyes and curly hair, and hands you scarce can see.

And then it never cries a bit, like some bad babies do;
And papa says it looks like me -- I don't think so, do you?
For I'm a girl and it's a boy, and boys I can't endure;
Unless they're babies like our own, they'll plague and tease you, sure.

But you say the angel didn't come: now you just tell me why;
The Bible says there's angels in heaven, and that's up in the sky;
And Christ loves little babies, and God made everything,
And if the angels didn't, who did our baby bring?

You can't tell: no, I guess you can't, but mamma ought to know,
For it's her baby -- hers and ours -- and mamma told me so;
And they don't make any cunning things like him on earth, you see,
For no wax doll, with real hair, is half so nice as he.

I know an angel brought him, and I think one brought me too;
Though I don't just now remember, and so can't tell, can you?
But mamma knows; and this I know, -- the baby wasn't home
When I went away, and now he is. If you want to see him, come.

For mamma says if I am good I can kiss him every day,
And we'll kiss him now, and then go out and have a nice long play;
And if anybody asks you how babies come and go,
Why, tell them it's the angels, for mamma told me so.

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