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TO OUR BLESSED LADY (2), by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Sovereign of queens: if vain ambition move
Last Line: And, jealous, bids me love her alone.
Subject(s): Ambition; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Women In The Bible; Worship; Virgin Mary

Sovereign of queens! if vain Ambition move
My heart to seek an earthly prince's grace,
Shew me thy Son in His imperial place
Whose Servants reign our Kings and Queens above;
And if alluring passions do prove
By pleasing sighs, shew me Thy lovely face,
Whose beams the angels' beauty do deface,
And even inflame the seraphim with love.
So by Ambition I shall humble be,
When in the presence of the Highest King
I serve all His that He may honour me;
And Love my heart to chaste desires shall bring,
When Fairest Queen looks on me from her throne,
And, jealous, bids me love her alone.

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