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TO SAINT MARGARET, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Fair amazon of heaven, who took'st in hand
Last Line: And let my soul, made chaste, pass for a maid.
Subject(s): Margaret, Saint

Fair Amazon of Heaven who tookst in hand
Saint Michael and Saint George to imitate,
And for a tyrant's love transformed to hate
Wast for thy lily faith retained in band,
Alone on foot and with thy naked hand
Thou didst like Michael and his host; and that
For which on horse armed George we celebrate
Whilst thou, like them, a dragon didst withstand.
Behold my soul shut in my body's gaol,
The which the Drake of Hell gapes to devour.
Teach me (O virgin) how thou didst prevail.
Virginity, thou sayest, was all thy aid:
Give me then purity instead of power,
And let my soul, made chaste, pass for a Maid.

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