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A B C, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Oh, thou alpha beta row
Last Line: Can only spring from a b c.
Subject(s): Alphabets

Oh, thou Alpha Beta row,
Fun and freedom's earliest foe,
Shall I e'er forget the primer,
Thumb'd beside some Mrs. Trimmer, --
While mighty problem held me fast,
To know if Z was first or last?
And all Pandora had for me
Was emptied forth in A B C.

Teasing things of toil and trouble,
Fount of many a rolling bubble,
How I strived, with pouting pain,
To get thee quartered on my brain;
But when the giant feat was done,
How nobly wide the field I'd won!
Wit, reason, wisdom, all might be
Enjoyed through simple A B C.

Steps that lead to topmost height
Of worldly fame and human might,
Ye win the orator's renown,
The poet's bays, the scholar's gown;
Philosophers must bend and say
'Twas ye who oped their glorious way.
Sage, statesman, critic, where is he
Who's not obliged to A B C?

Ye really ought to be exempt
From slighting taunt and cool contempt;
But drinking deep from learning's cup,
We scorn the hand that filled it up.
Be courteous, pedants -- stay and thank
Your servants of the Roman rank,
For F. R. S. and LL. D.
Can only spring from A B C.

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