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First Line: He burst through the ice-pillared gates of the north
Last Line: "a despot so great as the king of the wind!"
Subject(s): Wind

He burst through the ice-pillared gates of the north,
And away on his hurricane wings he rushed forth;
He exulted all free in his might and his speed,
He mocked at the lion and taunted the steed;
He whistled along through each cranny and creek;
He whirled o'er the mountains with hollow-toned shriek;
The arrow and eagle were laggard behind,
And alone in his flight sped the King of the Wind.

He swept o'er the earth -- the tall battlements fell,
And he laughed as they crumbled, with maniac yell;
The broad oak of the wood dared to wrestle again,
Till wild in his fury he hurled it in twain;
He grappled with pyramids, works of an age
And dire records were left of his havoc and rage
No power could brave him, no fetters could bind;
Supreme in his sway was the King of the Wind.

He careered o'er the waters with death and despair,
He wrecked the proud ship and his triumph was there;
The cheeks that had blanched not at foeman or blade,
At the sound of his breathing turned pale and afraid;
He rocked the staunch lighthouse, he shivered the mast,
He howled -- the strong life-boat in fragments was cast;
And he roared in his glory, "Where, where will ye find
A despot so great as the King of the Wind!"

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