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THERE IS BEAUTY EVERYWHERE, by                    
First Line: There's beauty everywhere
Last Line: May end in misery.
Subject(s): Beauty

There's beauty everywhere,
And facts we do not know;
Scenes of bliss, wondrous fair,
Where cool, sweet zephyrs blow.
There are hills and valleys
That we will never see,
Where the rainbow dallies
In joy and ecstasy.

Many lakes and rivers
Which man has never seen,
Ocean caves where divers
In dreams only have been;
Many precious treasures
We crush beneath our feet.
Scores of passing pleasures
In fear we fail to meet.

So many fruitful years
Pass with their golden grain,
We spend in useless tears,
In ventures that are vain.
Through joys and woes we go,
Shrouded in mystery;
Bright hopes that we cherish so
May end in misery.

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