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ARMISTICE, by            
First Line: A soldier stood among his fallen comrades
Last Line: Cease firing!
Subject(s): War

A soldier stood among his fallen comrades
And looked at their bruised and bleeding bodies,
Men who only a few hours before had stood
By his side and aimed their guns at some
Poor devil's heart!

Men who had loved and had been loved,
Had felt the passion of a swift and silent dawn,
Had known the thrill of looking down the seasons
To feel the mighty surge of Eternity.

Twisted bodies and crushed brains,
Shattered bones and staring eyes that failed to see
A sobbing man who carried a gun in his hands
And a weary heart in his breast.

The man looked up and listened.
Across the fields there came a bugle note
That spelled peace to one who had lived
When his own kin had died.
"Cease Firing!"

A tear ran through his thick and dirty beard;
Sweet home! Clean air and soft and downy beds;
The pureness of love of those whom he had left behind
So long ago!
The soldier raised his foot to step --
Stumbled and fell on his face in the mud.
Cease firing!

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