Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, HELICON AND CITHAERON, by CORINNA (6TH CENTURY B.C.)

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First Line: The muses took the vote and told
Last Line: And it broke in countless bits below.
Alternate Author Name(s): Korinna

THE Muses took the vote and told
The Blessed Ones to cast their stones
In vessels made of gleaming gold,
And all stood upright from their thrones.

Cithaeron got the greater part.
Then Hermes, crying out aloud,
Proclaimed the victory that his heart
Desired. Above Cithaeron's eyes
The Blessed Ones then set the prize
Of laurel, and his heart was proud.

But Helicon in bitter woe
Tore from its bed a large smooth rock, --
The mountain yielded to the shock. --
And with a loud and piteous cry
He flung the great stone from on high,
And it broke in countless bits below.

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