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HORACE: SONG AT THE END OF ACT 2, by                    
First Line: To arms, to arms, the heroes cry
Last Line: Were there no honour, there would be no love.
Subject(s): Honor


To Arms, to Arms, the Heroes cry,
A glorious Death, or Victory.
Beauty and Love, although combin'd,
And each so powerful alone,
Cannot prevail against a mind
Bound up in resolution.
Tears their weak influence vainly prove,
Nothing the daring breast can move,
Honour is blind, and deaf, ev'n deaf to Love.


The Field! the Field! where Valour bleeds,
Spurn'd into dust by barbed steeds,
Instead of wanton beds of down
Is now the scene where they must try,
To overthrow, or be o'erthrown;
Bravely to overcome, or die.
Honour in her interest sits above
What Beauty, Prayers, or Tears can move:
Were there no Honour, there would be no Love.

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