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ODE: ON THE NEW YEAR, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Lord of my life! Inspire my song
Last Line: The bleeding traitor from my breast.
Subject(s): Blessings; Holidays; Life; New Year

LORD of my life! inspire my song,
To Thee my noblest powers belong;
Grant me thy favourite seraph's flame,
To sing the glories of thy name.

My birth, my fortune, friends, and health,
My knowledge too, superior wealth;
Lord of my life! to Thee I owe;
Teach me to practise what I know.

Ten thousand favours claim my song,
And each demands an angel's tongue;
Mercy sits smiling on the wings
Of every moment as it springs.

But oh! with infinite surprise
I see returning years arise;
When unimprov'd the former score,
Lord, wilt thou trust me still with more?

Thousands this period hop'd to see;
Denied to thousands, granted me;
Thousands! that weep, and wish, and pray
For those rich hours I throw away.

The tribute of my heart receive,
'Tis the poor all I have to give;
Should it prove faithless, Lord, I'd wrest
The bleeding traitor from my breast.

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