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First Line: Offended majesty! How long
Last Line: And rapture swells my song.
Subject(s): Faith; God; Pain; Belief; Creed; Suffering; Misery

OFFENDED Majesty! how long
Wilt thou conceal thy face?
How long refuse my fainting soul
The succours of thy grace?

While sorrow wrings my bleeding heart,
And black despondence reigns;
Satan exults at my complaints,
And triumphs o'er my pains.

Let thy returning spirit, Lord!
Dispel the shades of night;
Smile on my poor deserted soul,
My God! thy smiles are light.

While scoffers at thy sacred word
Deride the pangs I feel,
Deem my religion insincere,
Or call it useless zeal.

Yet will I ne'er repent my choice,
I'll ne'er withdraw my trust;
I know thee, Lord, a powerful friend,
And kind, and wise, and just.

To doubt Thy goodness would be base
Ingratitude in me;
Past favours shall renew my hopes,
And fix my faith in Thee.

Indulgent God! my willing tongue
Thy praises shall prolong;
For oh! Thy bounty fires my breast,
And rapture swells my song.

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