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First Line: With more than jewish reverence as yet
Last Line: For thee, as 'tis to call the di'ety, jove.
Subject(s): Names


WIth more then Jewish Reverence as yet
Doe I the Sacred Name conceal;
When, yee kind Starres, ah, when will it bee fit
This Gentle Myst'ry to reveal?
When will our Love bee Nam'd, and we possesse
That Christning as a Badge of Happinesse?


So bold as yet no verse of mine has been,
To weare that Gemme on any Line;
Nor, 'till the happy Nuptial Muse be seen,
Shall any Stanza with it shine.
Rest, mighty Name, 'till then; for thou must be
Laid downe by Her, e're taken up by Mee.


Then all the fields and woods shall with it ring;
Then Ecchoe's burden it shall bee;
Then all the Birds in severall notes shall sing,
And all the Rivers murmur Thee;
Then every wind the Sound shall upwards beare,
And softly whisper't to some Angell's Eare.


Then shall thy Name through all my Verse be spread,
Thick as the flowers in Meadows ly,
And, when in future times they shall bee read,
(As sure, I thinke, they will not dy)
If any Critick doubt that They be mine,
Men by that Stampe shall quickly know the Coine.


Meane while I will not dare to make a Name
To represent thee by;
Adam (God's Nomenclator) could not frame
One that enough should signify.
Astraea or Caelia as unfit would prove
For thee, as 'tis to call the Di'ety, Jove.

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