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First Line: Tis a strange kind of ignorance this in you
Last Line: Perhaps thou may'st not know thine own.


'TIS a strange kinde of Ignorance this in you!
That you your Victories should not spy,
Victories gotten by your Eye!
That your bright beames, as those of Comets doe.
Should kill, but not know How, nor Who.


That truly you my Idoll might appeare,
Whilst all the People smell and see
The odorous flames I offer thee,
Thou sit'st, and dost not see, nor smell, nor heare
Thy constant zealous worshipper,


They see 't too well, who at my fires repine;
Nay, th' unconcern'd themselves doe prove
Quick-Ey'd enough to spy my Love;
Nor does the Cause in thy Face clearelier shine,
Then the Effect appeares in mine.


Fair Infidell! by what unjust decree
Must I, who with such restlesse care
Would make this truth to thee appeare,
Must I, who preach it, and pray for it, bee
Damn'd by thy incredulitie?


I by thy Vnbeliefe am guiltlesse slaine.
O have but Faith, and then that you
May know that Faith for to be true,
It shall it selfe by 'a Miracle maintaine,
And raise me from the Dead againe.


Meane while my Hopes may seem to be orethrowne,
But Lovers' Hopes are full of Art,
And thus dispute, that since my Heart,
Though in thy Brest, yet is not by thee knowne,
Perhaps thou may'st not know thine Own.

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