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First Line: Or I'm a very dunce, or woman-kinde
Last Line: The hearts of men they sacrifice.
Subject(s): Women


OR I'm a very Dunce, or Woman-kinde
Is a most unintelligible thing;
I can no Sence, nor no Contexture finde,
Nor their loose Parts to Method bring,
I know not what the Learn'd may see,
But they're strange Hebrew things to Me.


By Customes and Traditions they live,
Aud foolish Ceremonies of antick date;
We Lovers, new and better Doctrines give,
Yet they continue obstinate:
Preach we, Love's Prophets, what we will,
Like Jews, they keep their old Law still.


Before their Mothers' Gods they fondly fall,
Vain Idoll-Gods that have no Sence nor Minde:
Honour's their Ashtaroth, and Pride their Baal,
The Thundring Baal of Woman-kind,
With twenty other Devills more,
Which They, as we do Them, adore.


But then, like Men, both Covetous and Devout,
Their costly Superstition loath t' omit,
And yet more loath to issue Moneys out,
At their own charge to furnish it.
To these expensive Deities,
The Hearts of Men they sacrifice.

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