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FROSTED TREES, by            
First Line: At night I lingered at my window
Last Line: But I knew god had heard my prayer.
Subject(s): Frost; Winter

At night I lingered at my window
And watched the naked trees
Toss awkward arms to a winter sky—
Twisted, skeleton arms that chilled my heart
They were so black against the graying cloud.

"Winter would not seem so drear," I thought,
"So laden with suspension
Of pulsing life and happiness,
If only trees were lovely as in summer!
I wish the trees were beautiful again."
I drew down the shade,
Pulled the gay curtains close
And flooded all the room
With man-made brilliancy
To keep away the gloom.

Morning came. The fragile fingertips of frost
Had covered every twig and branch
And made a world of loveliness—
A picture done in grays and white.
The naked arms of trees now
Proudly flaunted crystal banners to a joyous sky.
Ugliness had vanished
In drooping, sparkling fountains
That caught the golden glint of sun
And flung it back again.

They called it frozen moisture in the air,
But I knew God had heard my prayer.

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