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REGINA MENDOSENA, by                    
First Line: I'm regina mendosena, queen of all of shanty town
Last Line: For I lay aside me titles and me very ancient name.
Subject(s): Courts & Courtiers; Ireland; Nationalism - Ireland; Royal Court Life; Royalty; Kings; Queens; Irish

I'M Regina Mendosena, queen of all of Shanty Town;
Just behold me in me sport dress with me stockings hanging down;

Just behold me with me sceptre, Mither Grady's washing stick,
A sunflower for a coronet—me foot upon a brick.

I'm Regina Mendosena, and I'm Irish if you please,
Me mither was an actress and me faither sailed the seas;

And for culture and for travel, it was hard to beat the pair—
I'm Regina Mendosena and 'tis me that is their heir.

They made me Queen of Ireland when mither flew the town;
They gave me Madden's old shebang when faither's ship went down;

They gave me Crazy Mary's goats when Crazy Mary died,
And they're going to kape me going till I gits to be a bride.

I'm Regina Mendosena, queen of all of Shanty Town,
Me pus'nal friends admiring all the contour of me gown;

Me pus'nal friends remarking on the brownness of me eyes,
I'm Regina Mendosena—but I wonder if they lies?

I'm Regina Mendosena, and 'tis when to Mass I go,
I gown meself discreetly with me braidings in a bow;

I'm Regina Mendosena, I'm the same and not the same,
For I lay aside me titles and me very ancient name.

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