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First Line: Imperious time, I must prefer
Last Line: Auroral creeds embrace.
Subject(s): Dawn; Evening; Night; Sky; Sunrise; Sunset; Twilight; Bedtime

IMPERIOUS Time, I must prefer
Thy just necessity:
Resign the silent, earlier
Beliefs grown dear to me.

The stillness left alternatives
To youth, a freedom wide
And dim as dreaming, but man lives,
And must one day decide.

There is a doom the years compel:
I must approach the goal
Decreed, where it behooves me dwell:
I must declare my soul;

Must speak and choose what stars pertain
To me; needs must I rest
In their most intimate beams, remain
Committed and confessed.

I claim a tent of stars in place
Of heaven's confusing dome:
A tent of stars in a dark space --
The sky must be my home.

I must adopt a finer scope,
A tent of stars in space --
Affiliated flames, a hope
Auroral creeds embrace.

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