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THE BEGGAR, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Showing his ill-made frame
Last Line: "hiding his loneliness."
Subject(s): Begging & Beggars; Compassion; Sympathy; Empathy

SHOWING his ill-made frame
And mumbling of troubles many,
Along a public street,
The cripple calls for a penny.

Inviting sympathy,
By his rags and his withered arm,
He follows and frets till we argue
A penny can do him no harm.
. . . . . . .
Just now, in this intimate room,
Sagacious, clever and witty,
Exposing his hardships, a Beggar
Beckoned his friends for pity.

Ugh! By displaying his pains,
By showing his heart was ashen,
By revealing his twisted life,
He played for a glance of compassion.

Strange how I longed to laugh;
His feebleness was funny.
I thought: "He's only a Beggar
And affection is golden money.

"Scorn will do for this Beggar,
And a smile will send him away;
I will keep my love for One
Who may need my love some day.

"I will keep my love for One
Who is brave and ashamed of tears:
The importunity
Of silence reaches my ears; --

"Life on its lonely way
Moving on lonely wings,
And the mute mind, alone
With dark imaginings."

I thought, "I will keep my love, --
I will keep my tenderness,
For One who is piteous,
Hiding his loneliness."

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