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THE DEEP, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I must have peace, increasing peace
Last Line: Be spun from dust.
Subject(s): Courage; Tides; Winter; Valor; Bravery

I MUST have peace, increasing peace;
Oh, not a brave,
A fleeting interval between
Each breaking wave;

Oh, not a treacherous pause between
The gathering gales;
Nor rest in the white fleece of cloud
Cold winter trails;

Oh, not a temporal winter, not
A fitful sleep;
But such a lasting winter as
Dark oceans keep.

Beneath all tides there sleeps a depth
Of cold fecundity, --
A zone that spins and spins a fine

There must be such a wintry zone
For teeming thought,
Where forms the mildest ray would crush
Are slowly wrought;

Where floating shapes of stars and leaves
Are free to dwell,
And feel the quietude of Life's
Eternal spell.

I must have peace, and so in some
Dark peace I trust,
Where thoughts like stars and leafage can
Be spun from dust.

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