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THE ONE THING, by                    
First Line: I am filled of compassion
Last Line: And my father is nigh.
Alternate Author Name(s): Worth, Patience
Subject(s): Compassion

I am filled of compassion.
Lo, would I bend down,
Succoring, lending of my love,
Enough to fashion cloaks
For them I see.

With the smile of mercy
I know the dealing of wrath
Is undone. What I have
Looked upon is writ upon
My heart. I ask me not why,
For I understand. I would not
Undo the day with the reasoning
Of wisdom. Rather would I
Listen unto God, whose wisdom
Ne'er shouteth, but whispereth.

I would pluck no new thing
To balm the earth; for I know
There is but one shadow
In which to rest, but one smile
Whose light may warm the chill
That sets the day.
Oh, I am a fellow with my Brother,
And my Father is nigh.

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