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A MOTHER'S PRAYER, by                    
First Line: Christ of the wooden cross
Last Line: Are outstretched to thee!
Subject(s): Prayer

Christ of the wooden Cross
And pierced hands,
Whose blood alone
Can cleanse the stain of war,
Let not the sabre's rattle
Wake us from our sleep.
Look down on us in this hour
And stay the mailed fist
That would sweep life's chessmen
From this uneven board -- the earth --
Into the lap of death;
Let the spark of peace be blown
By the breath of women, until it glows
Into a flame, sweeping
Across the earth; irresistible --
So that war may cease
And mothers know
That their children
Will live out their years.
O Christ of the wooden Cross
And pierced hands,
A kneeling mother's arms
Are outstretched to Thee!

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