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ZENITH, by                    
First Line: Urns of carrara marble I have seen
Last Line: A bowl as lovely as the blinding sky.
Alternate Author Name(s): Dalton, Power
Subject(s): Craftsmanship

Urns of Carrara marble I have seen,
Pale as the lily maid's white violet face,
Urns delicately wrought as fine old lace,
Woundingly beautiful in curve and sheen;
Bright alabaster urns, and ivory
Translucent as dim mist that veils a star,
Flagons of silver, bluer than wind-rays are,
And exquisite as Mozart melody;
Frail china cups of beryl and chrysoprase,
Like sheerest wings of moon-moths soaring high,
Bowls modeled from the potter's golden clays, --
I know I shall not find before I die,
Though I should seek forever down earth's ways,
A bowl as lovely as the blinding sky.

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