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A LITTLE KERRY SONG, by                    
First Line: There's grand big girls that walks the earth
Last Line: O! Little girl from kerry!
Alternate Author Name(s): Daly, T. A.
Subject(s): Girls; Singing & Singers; Songs

THERE'S grand big girls that walks the earth,
An' some that's gone to glory,
That have been praised beyond their worth
To live in song and story.
O! one may have the classic face
That poets love to honor,
An' still another wear the grace
O' Venus' self upon her;
Some tall an' stately queens may be,
An' some be big an' merry --
Och! take them all, but leave for me
One little girl from Kerry!

Sure, Kerry is a little place,
An' everything's in keepin':
The biggest heroes of the race
In little graves are sleepin';
An' little cows give little crame,
Fur little fairies take it;
An' little girls think little shame
To take a heart an' break it.
Och! here's a little Kerry lad
That would be O! so merry,
If but your little heart he had,
O! little girl from Kerry!

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