Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, DA POSTA-CARD FROM NAPOLI, by THOMAS AUGUSTINE DALY

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First Line: So, you gon' sail for italy?
Last Line: No peecture-card from napoli?
Alternate Author Name(s): Daly, T. A.
Subject(s): Naples, Italy; Travel; Journeys; Trips

SO, you gon' sail for Italy?
Ah, fine! -- W'at can you do for me?
Oh, notheeng, please; I don'ta care --
I weesh you joy while you are dere,
An' I'll be glad for see you w'en
Da sheep ees breeng you home agen --
Eh? No! Oh, please don't sand to me
No peecture-card from Napoli!

Oh, yes, wan time da letter-man
Breeng soocha card to deesa stan';
Eet was from gentleman like you
Dat wanted to be kinda, too.
Eet showed da town, da bay -- but, oh,
I deed not need; so wal I know!
Ah! no, please don'ta sand to me
No peecture-card from Napoli.

Oh, wal, Signor, you are so kind,
So good to me, I would no mind
Eef you would send me wan from Rome.
Eh? Rome? No, dat ees not my home.
Deed I not joost esplain to you
I weell no care w'at else you do
So long you don'ta sand to me
No peecture-card from Napoli?

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