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LEETLA GIUSEPPINA, by            
First Line: Joe baratta's giuseppina
Last Line: "giuseppina!"
Alternate Author Name(s): Daly, T. A.
Subject(s): Girls

JOE BARATTA'S Giuseppina
She's so cute as she can be;
Justa com' here from Messina,
Weeth da resta family.
Joe had money in da banka --
He been savin' for a year --
An' he breeng hees wife, Bianca,
An' da three small children here.
First ees baby, Catarina,
Nexta Paolo (w'at you call
Een da Inglaice langwadge "Paul"),
An' da smartest wan of all --

Giuseppina justa seven,
But so smart as she can be;
Wida-wake at night-time even,
Dere's so mooch dat's strange to see.
W'at you theenk ees mos' surprise her?
No; ees not da buildin's tall;
Eef, my frand, you would be wisa
You mus' theenk of som'theeng small.
Eet's an ant! W'en first she seena
Wan o' dem upon da ground,
How she laughed an' danced around:
"O! 'Formica,' he has found

"O!" she cried to heem, "Formica"
(Dat's Italian name for heem),
"How you gatta here so queecka?
For I know you no can sweem;
An' you was not on da sheepa,
For I deed not see you dere.
How you evva mak' da treepa?
Only birds can fly een air.
How you gat here from Messina?
O! at las' I ondrastand!
You have dugga through da land
Jus' to find your leetla frand,

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