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ONE OF US, by            
First Line: He comes again! His rough-shod feet
Last Line: "my hands an' heart an' soul ees yank!"
Alternate Author Name(s): Daly, T. A.
Subject(s): Tolerance; Veterans

HE comes again! His rough-shod feet
Familiar here, in field and street,
Have led him back to tread once more
The paths he knew before the war.
The tasks that he takes up again
Are humble now, as they were then;
But, look you! on his swarthy brow
There shines a new-won glory now.
He craves no favor, makes no plea,
But this his proper speech might be:

"I speak not Anglaice verra wal;
But while I was away, een Hal,
I deed som' leetla theeng or two
Dat made me mooch more lika you.
Dere was a time you call me 'Wop.'
But now I ask you, please, to stop.
My tongue ees Wop, but -- God be thank'! --
My hands an' heart an' soul ees Yank!"

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