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ROSA'S CURIOSITY, by                    
First Line: My frand, you like for buy a hat?
Last Line: I have da cheap wan he can gat.
Alternate Author Name(s): Daly, T. A.
Subject(s): Hats

MY frand, you like for buy a hat?
Fine greena seelka wan I gat,
Weeth redda, whita feathah een.
So styleesh hat you nevva seen!
Eh? No? Too bad! for eef you do,
I sal eet pretta cheap to you.
Where deed I gat? Wal, eef you pleass,
I tal to you. Ees lika dees:

My Rosa -- dat's my girl, you know --
She alla time ees tease me so
An' aska dees an' dat, for try
An' guess w'at prasant I am buy
For geeve to her on Chrees'mas Day;
But alla time I laugh an' say:
"No! No! eet ees su'prise for you,
An' eet ees gona pleass you, too.
I have eet bought an' put away
For keep for you teell Chrees'mas Day."
She stamp da foot an' say: "O! my,
You tease me so you mak' me cry.

You are so mean as you can be
Baycause you weell no tal to me."
My frand, she coax so lika dat
At las' I say: "Eet eesa hat!"
O! den, my frand, for sure she cry,
An' look so sad an' say: "O! why
You tal me w'at eet gona be?
I want eet be su'prise for me.
You just are wan beeg, seelly theeng --
Baysides, I theenk eet be a reeng."
Ha! w'at you theenka dat, my frand?
Dese girls ees hard for ondrastand.
So, queeck I say: "Eet ees no true;
I justa maka joke weeth you."
So now, you see, I musta gat
A reeng eenstead for deesa hat;
An' den, how mooch she coax an' tease,
I weell no tal her w'at eet ees.
But here ees steell da hat! O! pleass,
My frand, eef eet should be you meet
Som'body walkin' on da street
Dat look for buy da styleesh hat,
I have da cheap wan he can gat.

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