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WISHES, by                    
First Line: Som'times, w'en beezaness ees bad
Last Line: But sleep teell spreeng!
Alternate Author Name(s): Daly, T. A.
Subject(s): Wishes

SOM'TIMES, w'en beezaness ees bad
An' I am sad,
I weesh I was not born at all,
Or dat I could be w'at-you-call
A "domb theeng," like a stona wall;
Dat cannot speak or see or hear,
Or hope or fear!

I s'pose, my frand, you nevva gat
So bad as dat;
I s'pose, baycause you do so wal,
You always weesh to be yoursal'.
You nevva say, like me, "O! hal!
I am no good; I weesh I might
Drop outa sight!"

Mos' times I weesh dat I could be
Som' kind of tree;
For I could be alive an' steell
Not have to work for evra meal,
An' weenter cold I would not feel --
An' I could mak' more pleasure, too,
Dan now I do.

All summer, cool would be da shade
My branches made
With greena leaves dat I would wear,
An' birds would com' an' seenga dere.
Den een da fall, w'en I was bare,
I would not have to do a theeng
But sleep teell spreeng!

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