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AT PARTING, by            
First Line: This, then, is 'goodbye.' this empty aching
Last Line: Love's silent ghost were keeping step with me.
Subject(s): Absence; Separation; Isolation

This, then, is "Goodbye." This empty aching,
This feeling of despondency and loss
As if we two were walking, side by side,
And suddenly the earth had opened wide
And swallowed you. Or if, from deep sleep waking,
I stretched my hand to you, and in despair
Found only emptiness, and silence, there.

This is "Goodbye." Although my heart is breaking
I clasp your hand and smile into your eyes,
Then turn and go my way, as you go yours.
(Saving my tears to shed behind closed doors.)
Without a pause to see which road I'm taking,
Nor daring to look back, lest I should see
Love's silent ghost were keeping step with me.

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