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First Line: Farewell to sliev morna
Last Line: Farewell to ierne, ierne, farewell.

FAREWELL to Sliev Morna,
The hills of the winds!
Where the hunters of Ullin
Pursue the brown hinds!
Farewell to Loch Ern where the wild eagles dwell!
Farewell to Shan-avon, Shan-avon, farewell!

Farewell to bright tresses,
Farewell to bright eyes,
To the snow-covered bosoms
That heave with their sighs!
Long, long for their heroes in vain may they swell,
Farewell to fair maidens, fair maidens, farewell

Farewell to our castles,
Our oak-blazing halls,
Where the red fox is prowling
Alone in the walls!
Farewell to the joys of the harp and the shell,
Farewell to Ierne, Ierne, farewell.

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