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BABES OF A DAY, by                
First Line: Babes of a day, new fledglings all
Last Line: Have wings!
Subject(s): Babies; Infants

Babes of a day, new fledglings all,
With tiny mouths and noses small,
And lips that, smiling, scarcely meet,
And limbs so slight,
So fresh, so white,
So sweet:

Babes of a day, new gifts of Fate,
For all the pleasure you create,
Asleep in gowns of spotless hue,
Hope of the nests,
God's blessing rests
On you.

For your large eyes which open wide,
Yet oft 'neath snowy curtains hide,
For all your smiles and even tears, --
Since all we view,
Sweet souls, in you,

For all your cooing tones express
We bless you, pet you, and caress;
Gay nightingales and linnets white,
Of love's desires
How many fires
You light!

When, warmly wrapped, you smiling lie
And hear in dreams a lullaby,
'Tis then a voice sings, soft and clear,
"Sleep, dearest, sleep!
My watch I keep
So near!"

That guardian angel's voice you know;
Sleep on beneath his wings of snow!
Dream on, dream on; no danger dread!
With jealous love
He bends above
Your head.

Babes of a day, just come to Earth,
The Paradise that gave you birth
Still keeps you tenderly enchained;
Its threads of gold
Your spirits hold

You are to every happy hearth
Like flowerets to the grassy earth,
Like glittering planets to the skies,
Or like the rain
To drooping grain,
That dies.

But something else is quite your own,
Which neither glistening stars have shown,
Nor fairest flowers that summer brings;
Alas, you all,
However small,
Have wings!

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