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First Line: I have three rings on my hand
Last Line: Pretend I would not fear to die.
Alternate Author Name(s): Davis, Leland, Mrs.; Pawtuxie
Subject(s): Death; Jewelry & Jewelers; Dead, The; Rings; Bracelets; Necklaces

I have three rings on my hand:
One is set in blue,
And one has chrysoprase,
And one I wear for you.

They are friends to me,
They keep me company
All the white night through.
And when I think of death,
And how without a breath
The house is, and the night,
My three rings clinging tight
Are warm upon my hand --
My three round rings
They are living things,
And they understand.
"Don't be afraid," they say, and I
Pretend I would not fear to die.

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