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SEPTEMBER, by                    
First Line: Here is the iron weed
Last Line: Only too soon.
Subject(s): Seasons; September

Here is the iron weed,
Slender and stately,
Amethyst tinted,
Beloved of the bee.
Here, the wild aster,
The blue ageratum,
The jewel-weed trembling
On meadow and lea.

Mauve is the thistle bloom,
Silver the thistle,
Guarded by daggers
They stand on the ridge.
No bird flies above them,
No call from the thicket,
They hear but the droning
Of gnat and of midge.

The streams now in quiet pools
Dream of their flooding,
Two aspens, two willows
Lean where there was one.
The plow is not turning,
The scythe is not mowing,
The fields and the meadows
Drowse in the sun.

Here is a stillness
Unbroken by laughter
Of bird or of fountain.
This hushed afternoon,
Tread gently, speak softly,
The summer is sleeping,
The frost will awaken her
Only too soon.

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