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THE BALLAD OF ADAM'S FIRST, by            
First Line: Some gypsies are like her
Last Line: Were raiment rare!
Subject(s): Gypsies; Gipsies

Some Gypsies are like her,
Wild, dark, free!
Beads on her middle jimp
For girdle wore she.

That brown woman Lilith,
For dinner one day,
Poaching in Paradise,
Found Adam at play.

"You're some like the Father,
And some like the Snake,
Some like a sweet rarity
God's made for my sake.

"God's made me a rarity,
The very first man!
I'll be a true leman
As long as I can!"

In a mud loblolly,
Barefooted, he played --
Adam, that builded
The first bower made.

Beads on her middle jimp,
Hell-black hair --
Her beads and her beauty
Were raiment rare!

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