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ON THE CONTRARIES OF LOVE, by             Poem Explanation         Poet's Biography
First Line: One loves me though his homage I disdain
Last Line: And leave an earnest lover to despair.
Alternate Author Name(s): Ramirez, Juana De Asbaje Y; Cruz, Juana Ines De La; Juana Ines De La Cruz
Subject(s): Love

ONE loves me though his homage I disdain;
And one for whom I languish mocks my smile.
To double torment thus doth pride beguile.
And make me loathe and love at once in vain;
On him who honors casting wanton stain,
And hazarding to be esteemed vile
By wooing where I am not sought, the while
I waste the patience of a gentler swain.
So must I fear despite to my good fame;
For here with vanity, with conscience there,
My blushing cheeks betray my needless shame:
'Tis I am guilty towards this guiltless pair.
For shame! to court a light-love's woeful name,
And leave an earnest lover to despair.

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