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First Line: Wi'decks awas'
Last Line: Pore-benn-ole-ben!
Alternate Author Name(s): Ramal, Walter; De La Mare, Walter
Variant Title(s): Nod's Old English Song

Wi'decks awas'
Widevry sea,
An' flyin' scud
For companee,
Ole Ben, por Ben
Keepz watcherlone:
Boatz, zails, helmainmust,
Compaz gone.

Not twone ovall
'Is shippimuts can
Pipe pup ta prove
'Im livin' man:
One indescuppers
Fiss-like, as you
May yunnerstand.

An' one bracedup
Azzif to weat,
'Az aldy deck
For watery zeat;
Andwidda zteep
Unwonnerin' eye
Stares zon tossed sea
An' emputy zky.
Pore Benoleben,

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