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JUDAH'S HALLOWED BARDS, by                    
First Line: Let those who will hang rapturously o'er
Last Line: Simply, pathetic, eloquently plain.
Subject(s): Apostles; Bible; Jews; Judah (bible); Religion; Disciples, Twelve; Judaism; Theology

LET those who will hang rapturously o'er
The flowing eloquence of Plato's page;
Repeat, with flashing eyes, the sounds that pour
From Homer's verse as with a torrent's rage;
Let those who list ask Sully to assuage
Wild hearts with high-wrought periods, and restore
The reign of rhetoric; or maxims sage
Winnow from Seneca's sententious lore,
Not these, but Judah's hallowed bards, to me
Are dear: Isaiah's noble energy;
The temperate grief of Job; the artless strain
Of Ruth and pastoral Amos; the high songs
Of David; and the tale of Joseph's wrongs.
Simply, pathetic, eloquently plain.

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