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DIOCLESIAN AT SALONA, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Take back these vain insignia of command
Last Line: Looks down on your degenerate capitol!
Subject(s): Salona, Dalmatia, Croatia

TAKE back these vain insignia of command,
Crown, truncheon, golden eagle, -- bubbles all, --
And robe of Tyrian dye, to me a pall;
And be forever alien to my hand,
Though laurel-wreathed, War's desolating brand:
I would have friends, not courtiers, in my hall;
Wise books, frank converse, Beauty free from thrall,
And leisure for good deeds, thoughtfully planned.
Farewell, thou garish World! thou Italy,
False widow of departed Liberty!
I scorn thy base caresses. Welcome the roll,
Between us, of mine own bright Adrian sea!
Welcome these wilds, from whose bold heights my soul
Looks down on your degenerate Capitol!

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