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TO THOMAS SHERIDAN, by            
First Line: Dear sherry, I'm sorry for your bloodshedded sore eye
Last Line: But away to clem barry's -- there's an end of my story.
Subject(s): Sheridan, Thomas (1687-1738); Sight

Dear Sherry, I'm sorry for your bloodshedded sore eye,
And the more I consider your case, still the more I
Regret it, for see how the pain on't has wore ye.
Besides, the good Whigs, who strangely adore ye,
In pity cry out, "He's a poor blinded Tory."
But listen to me, and I'll soon lay before ye
A sovereign cure well attested in Gory.
First wash it with ros, that makes dative rori;
Then send for three leeches, and let them all gore ye;
Then take a cordial dram to restore ye;
Then take Lady Judith, and walk a fine boree;
Then take a glass of good claret ex more;
Then stay as long as you can ab uxore;
And then if friend Dick will but ope your back-door, he
Will quickly dispel the black clouds that hang o'er ye,
And make you so bright, that you'll sing tory-rory,
And make a new ballad worth ten of John Dory!
(Though I work your cure, yet he'll get the glory.)
I'm now in the back school-house, high up one story,
Quite weary with teaching, and ready to mori.
My candle's just out too, no longer I'll pore ye,
But away to Clem Barry's -- there's an end of my story.

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