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First Line: A woman grown, with sparkling eyes
Last Line: "one tale, and love another."
Alternate Author Name(s): Dibdin, Charles Isaac Mungo; Dibdin, Charles, Jr.
Subject(s): Love; Reason; Women; Intellect; Rationalism; Brain; Mind; Intellectuals

A woman grown, with sparkling eyes,
High health and easy carriage,
Doll felt her anxious bosom rise,
Whilst something whispered marriage;
But, ere she leaped, took, to her praise,
This maxim from her mother:
"Ne'er wed, dear girl, while reason says
One thing, and love another."

This golden rule to guard her heart,
She went to see her cousins,
Where many a fop came round so smart,
Till Doll had counted dozens;
But still the more the tim'rous maid
Was teased with all this pother:
She found grave reason one thing said,
And sprightly love another.

"I've loved you long," cried out a smart;
For weeks and months I've watched you—
You and you only have my heart":
Cried Doll, "I've fairly catched you;
I've left, good Sir, but three short days,
My native place and mother,
Who truly told that reason says
One thing, and love another.

"In this short time I've looked around;
Those things I fancied real,
On close inspection I have found
Illusive and ideal;
I've heard false vows, I've seen mean pride,
I've known vice, virtue smother,
Wise reason taking still one side,
And silly love another.

"This having seen, I'll hie me home,
By prudence now grown wiser,
And while I vow no more to roam,
Hoard wisdom like a miser;
Wed honest Ned who loves me well,
With glad consent of mother;
So shall no longer reason tell
One tale, and love another."

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