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VAUDEVILLE, by            
First Line: Acrobats -- cruelly torturing muscles
Last Line: The audience roars!
Subject(s): Acrobats & Acrobatism; Theater & Theaters; Vaudeville; Stage Life

Acrobats -- cruelly torturing muscles
Which submit, even as they threaten retribution.

An emaciated fool and a hard-faced girl in sequins
Mock, with outworn quips, marriage and children.

A Jew, with sensual simper, leads on four dancing girls --
Their bodies are beautiful, and fat men with small eyes clap loudly.

A superb violinist plays -- and is encored twice --
He does not smile as he returns to bow.

Birdland, with garish hangings, live cockatoos, and parrots screaming.
A snow-white bird picks out the letters which spell the
President's name. Gorgeous tropical kings hop and jump at
the shrill command of a painted woman with false hair.

Jazz, tearing at the nerves, announces two comedians.
They dance without rhythm or grace.
They joke without humor or wit.
The audience roars!

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